Pastor Rick and Debbie

Pastor Rick and Debbie have been happily married since 1974 and are the parents of two beautiful daughters, Jennifer and Kathryn. They have been actively serving in pastoral ministry since 1983. Pastor Rick is a graduate of Geneva College and holds a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological. Together, Pastor Rick and Debbie desire to reach people with the message of God’s love and assist believers in their ongoing walk with God.

Board of Elders

Good Shepherd Church is governed by a board of elders selected from mature believers within the congregation. There is also a member of the board from outside the congregation with whom the resident board may consult on particular matters. The board of elders is responsible for having their fingers on the pulse of the congregation, implementing the vision of the church, helping bring pastoral care, and overseeing the administration of the church.


The deacons of Good Shepherd Church serve under the direction of the board of elders. They serve to coordinate and administrate ministries for prisoners, the poor, hospitality, children, teens, nursery, building and maintenance, ushers and greeters, media and sound, and prayer teams. Deacons are proven servants selected by the board of elders to serve in any aspect of church life.

Worship Team

Good Shepherd worship team is comprised of musicians and singers from within our congregation. We see the worship of God being the first order of man. Our worship music includes a mixture of traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music and worship choruses. Wholehearted worship is a central tenet to the purpose of Good Shepherd Church and we encourage all those in attendance at our Lord’s Day Worship Service to “Enter His courts with praise.”